What are your rates?
Commissions for weddings fluctuate depending on wedding location and availability. Contact us at the contact link to the side to get our packages, and discuss your day. Although a typical spend with us is around $3500.

Do you have any limits on coverage time or the number of photos taken on the wedding day?
Never any limit on photos taken. Our base package offers 8 hours of coverage, and we have other packages with no time limits. We also travel with you wherever you need us to be throughout the day.

What if we want something more adventurous?
Take a look at our Not Traditional page. We always get excited when couples have ideas about spending more time shooting exciting concepts. 

Where will you travel?
Everywhere. We're based in Perth and Melbourne, but we've had clients fly us to Sydney, and Bali. We're always excited to travel. 

How do we book & pay?
You’ll receive a quote, and invoice which will require a deposit for us to confirm your booking. 

How many photos do we get?
We typically deliver a few hundred images.


Do you do wedding albums and prints?

We offer albums and prints that you can either pre purchase so you know exactly what you're going to get. Or you can order these afterwards once you've seen how great all the photos will look together. 

All prints go through fine art printers who we specifically trust to maintain the high quality and accuracy of the photos. 

Click here to see examples of of the process we go through to print, and frame artwork for our clients home.

Are all of our photos edited?
Yep. All photos are colour graded and exposure will be exactly as we intend them to be. However, specific retouching costs extra. 

Do you provide a distribution release?
Absolutely. You can distribute them around the internet (facebook, e-mail, twitter, etc). But we have close relationships with fine art printers who we trust to ensure you get the best quality prints that will last a lifetime. 

What do we get on our USB or Hard Drive?
Fully processed jpeg images. You also get web-ready sized versions of all the images.

Do you take wedding day family portraits?
Of course. We're yours for the day. Any photos you want, you got it.

Can my uncle take photos during my wedding?
He sure can… so long as he stays out of our way. We can't control any distractions in the photos due to guests trying to get shots. So we do suggest an “unplugged” wedding. Everyone can get copies of the photos.

What equipment do you use? 
We both have professional kits from Nikon, with wide aperture lenses. but we often mix it up, shooting with Canon, Fuji or Olympus. However we strongly support the idea that the gear doesn't make the photo. 

Is this your real job?
Yup :)